Sunday, February 24, 2013

You are never alone.

This is my life:

Little Baby Charles is a little crazy tornado. He runs everywhere, climbs everywhere. Maybe we have been reading too much of the "bunny on top of the box, and under the box and in the box . . ."

Let's just say I am glad he has not split his head open. Though he has had a few split lips.

I don't have any good pictures of him climbing because he always jumps down and runs for the camera when he sees it.

We will start looking for rock-climbing classes for toddlers.

Eating with a spoon like a big boy:

This is him pouting because we told him not to climb on top of the refrigerator (kidding, he was just  found sitting on the kitchen table after he had climbed up on it. He hasn't made it to the fridge yet.).

So I have been trying to involve him more in my normal activities - yesterday we made pancakes. I let him stir and pour and flip. And eat.

The kid loves to vacuum. And sweeping. I like to give him a rag and he helps scrub the floor.

Love you, crazy kid.

Now we ride on subways and buses

The bridge that is visible from almost everywhere in our neighborhood.

We love Cookies.  We miss him, he's been mostly off the streets since winter set in.

Fun to live near the McKell's.  We thought about these wicker chairs but TJ Maxx wouldn't give us discount for the cosmetic issues

Exhausted during a walk with mom around the neighborhood park.

Ah the Pack n' Play is but a memory now.  Charles got strong enough pull himself out of it and jump on the ground.  So now he gets to sleep in a big boy bed.

Charles and Nathan finding the only remaining puddle of water under the jungle gym

Wow, what a beautiful day.  Posting this in dreary late February makes us really excited for April and May when our home will look like this again!

On the Farm with Grandpa

Dads always knows where to find the food.

We are at the petting zoo in Thanksgiving Point

 "I wuv them . . ."

Learning about Science
Fun with Super-Aunt

Mum and the Babes in Sunny C - A

It all looks so appetizing
Swims like a fish

Wedding of a good friend from Erica's teenage years.

 Haily, Kolby and Edie Sweetie. The children who taught me all my mothering skills.

Erica's childhood best friend Beth  
Baby's first visit to the Pacific.

He was a little unnerved
Parking meters are fun

Charles loves his great-grandma
And he loves playing the piano

Charles really liked going up and down this step.  Eventually he learned step up and down like a big boy, instead of crawling up as pictured here.
Charles and the Giant Cookie

Walking around the neighborhood.

Petting zoo
Actually it was just our friends' yard down the street