Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Visit from Aunt Tara

Charles and his aunt, bonding

Tara Verrazzano

We went with Tara to the Museum of Natural History.  Erica was excited about the self-guided "Night at the Museum" tour (all the characters that come to life in the movie).  I was excited about the historical Teddy Roosevelt tour.  Tara was excited come along with us--it was a lot of fun!

Erica, Charles & Teddy

Subway on the way there. Or was it on the way back?  Wall tiles are decorated with a lot of animals, very fitting. 

What a great photo!  Tara and Charles had fun resting around the house, too.  

Tara and the Brooklyn Bridge, at the park near my work.

We'll post more pictures from this trip as time goes on.  We are trying out some thematic (but not necessarily chronological) posts.  But for now, I need to get back to watching John Wayne fight the Comanches.