Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to our Garden

Well, there is a lot more that happened on our trip, including Joshua getting suuuper sick the very last day - leaving me to venture out on my own to gather last-minute souvenirs. But I made it. And he got better, eventually. :) He hated not being able to eat all the delicious plane food (doctors orders). We stayed the weekend in Salt Lake at Joshua's family's new house, which is lovely. We relaxed and watched conference. And I had fun checking out Tara's new beaUTIFUL engagement ring and hearing about all their wedding plans for this winter. Yay!!

Now we are home, and I saved all our tomatoes from rotting by canning them. So proud of myself :) I also took it easy that week from work, trying to get the house in order. I am excited for our nice new windows, and for the material I bought from Mongolia to make curtains with!

I like our house. It will be sad to leave someday when we have to, which we will, eventually. Right now we are working on grad school applications for Joshua. Who knows where life will take us these next few years . . .