Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Today is Tuesday and the Pool is Closed on Mondays

But apparently our pool follows BYU's holiday schedules, where they move Mondays to Tuesdays. We cried. Then we went and played on the swings in our swim suits.

All dressed up and nowhere to dive. 
Doesn't Baby C look so sad? He was. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Zoozoo Part the Two

What if we started every blog post with a picture of Joshua next to a bison? 
(This statue was at the top of a very tall hill and Joshua is a little tired. 
And the bison is actually a water buffalo. Sorry.)

Charles enjoyed visiting with his primate friends. 

Family photo.

 Teaching Charles about funny-looking birds.

Last night Joshua had a dream that we put Charles in with the prairie dogs to take a picture. 
We didn't really do that. 
(I look pretty funny in this picture, but Baby C kinda looks like the prairie dog eating his snacks. Nice cheeks, kids.)

 This deer was chasing the bunny rabbit. Get out of my habitat!!

 New friends in the Missouri Swamp.

(there is a scary bear in the background that matches Baby C's hat)

Memorial Day

And what a memorable Memorial Day it was!  So memorable we had to write two posts about it, one by me, the other by Erica.
This was actually photographed by Erica a while ago, but we needed to make sure it wasn't forgotten.  Probably the scariest bison I've ever seen.  Look at those evil red eyes.
We went to a Memorial Day concert by the Compton Heights Concert Band.  They play John Philip Sousa-style marches and such.  It was very patriotic.  Erica and Charles enjoyed the dog that sat in front of us.
"Chahlie bit my fingah."  Except he really bit Erica's finger for real a few minutes earlier and it hurt her!  His right upper (and only) canine is a doozy.

Finally, on the way home we saw Demo Man.

Where's the soap?

Today was the best day of my life. Here is why:

I have been waiting my whole life (well, almost) for my own baby to play with in the Mommy and Me swim class. Memorial Day is apparently the day all pools open out here in the east, even though it has been 100 degrees for a few months (that might be a little exaggeration, but still!).

We had a good time in the pool. Baby C did so great! He wasn't cold, wasn't scared, and didn't choke on any water when we played Ring-Around-the-Rosie. Even dad was able to relax when he saw what a great time his little baby was having. Charles loved his frog - probably so much that he didn't even notice he was in a pool. :)

Our plan is to swim every day, twice a day. Once just Charles and I (private lessons), and once when Joshua gets home (family swim). We are gonna make a little fishie out of him yet!

Do I have to get out?

I love my swim teacher (and my frog).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

This weekend we saw another (very) lifelike Bison. But that's not the most exciting thing about this post. 

The most exciting thing was that my sister Tara came to visit us for the weekend, en route to her family in Miami.
Tara surprised us with her genteel tastes. We saw a FREE Shakespeare play, Othello, in Forest Park. St. Louis Shakespeare festival may not quite be up to Utah Shakespeare Festival's standards, but you sure can't beat the price!
We also saw the Arch up close and personal. But not too close or personal because it was a 2-hour wait to ride to the top and back.  It was a little swarming with people, being Memorial Day weekend and all.  We still had lots of fun though!
As you can see in the photo above and the photo below, we appreciated the fine art of Citygarden.
Charles even got in on the fun
One of the great things about visiting places with a friend (and relative in this case) is that you don't have to awkwardly ask people to take pictures of you every 5 minutes
This one would have been especially awkward if we'd asked a random person to take it for us.  Thanks, Tara!
But really, the best part of having Tara visit was seeing her interact with Baby Charles
He sure loves his aunt Tara!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


"So, first I want to see the monkeys, then the giraffes, then watch the sea lion show. Then I think we should eat some lunch at this cafe and then head over to the reptile house. Let's go!"

No native Missouri bees were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Joshua snuffling Baby Charles.
 Wild boar snuffling the ground.


Erica wiggling her hippo ears.

 Real hippos wiggling their real hippo ears. 

 Joshua with his rhino horn.

 Real rhino with real rhino horn eating some hay.

Erica acting like some animal but really it looks like she is eating this boys head.

Oh, I think I was laughing with the hyenas.

Erica the Anteater. 

We love the St Louis Zoo!

Erica the giraffe and her giraffe friends. 

Wild Asses. (te he he)

Joshua stork with his gobble gobble hangin down.  

p.s. the stork at the zoo did NOT look this cute:

 Whatta day. What. a. day.