Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cloister Boister

I have to post something so we can go off and have more adventures!!

A few weeks ago we took a family outing to the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan.

After a long subway ride there, we let Charles stretch his legs at a park.
The fall leaves were so pretty and the weather was perfect!

Lovely walk to the Cloisters.

"The Cloisters museum and gardens, the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe, was assembled from architectural elements, both domestic and religious, that date from the twelfth through the fifteenth century."

We started out with a tour group learning about stained glass, which was very interesting.

But Charles started getting pretty restless, so we had to duck out early.


"Look at the nice kitty, Charles!"


"Boy, Mom and Dad, that was educational AND fun!"

"Too bad we have a 2 hour subway ride home . . ."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Leftover Halloween Candy

This is Halloween... this is Halloween...

Ward party and chili cook off.
(Also a pie contest, in which I won honorable mention for my delectable chocolate peanut butter pie . . .)

I think Charles is mad about the whole 'taking turns' thing:

"What do you mean I have to roll the pumpkin? 
If you want to knock these things down, just attack them!"

"p.s. can I eat the eyeballs?"

 Ten points if you can place our costumes (and we didn't already tell you...).

Despite that face, we really did have a good time.
I think Charles was just caught with a mouthful of chili.

Tiger buddies.

Party after-party: chasing Sophia, the purple zebra dog.

Monsters and Me lunch at a local restaurant. Charles got a free meal!
Great music, tons of toys, and a million kids running around.
Charles was in Halloween heaven.

Very brilliant IU professor with one of his very cute IU students. 
(A little last minute creativity going on here.)

We had a good time trick or treating along the avenues, in and out of the shops, then down one of the neighborhood streets. We even had trick or treaters knock on our door. Charles loved that part, because when I was concentrating on dropping candy in our visitors' bags, he was grabbing as much candy out of the bucket as his little hands could hold!

We let him have one piece of chocolate. But I am pretty sure he ate more than just one piece of chocolate . . .

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Go Baby, go!

Yesterday Baby Charles stood up all by himself (ie. not holding onto anything for support). 

Today I caught him popping up all over the place:

One time he even shuffled a little before sitting down.

Watch out.