Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I don't have any creativity right now to think of an original and descriptive title, but most of these photos were taken during the month of May.  Hopefully Erica will have some time when she finishes her current graphic design project to edit this post and come up with a new title.

Romance on the High Line
(Probably some of the babies out there can empathize with Charles in this picture)

My Mom visited us this past week and we explored many great places together.  More on her trip in future posts.

Lobster tank at the grocery store

Monday, May 13, 2013

Charles Likes to Climb

Case in point: this is what he did when Erica was setting up the futon today.

When it's warm and sunny outside, he does his climbing at the playground:


We've had a nice, cool spring here in New York City.  Charles liked to go outside before, but now wants to be outside constantly.  His love of the outdoors is only eclipsed by his love of playing "washing dishes" in the kitchen sink.

Drawing with chalk on "our" driveway.  We don't have our car, but our landlord does have one and they have a driveway out back. It's not quite the same as a backyard, but it'll do.

Erica's family came to visit us.  Here are some initial pics.  More on their visit later.