Thursday, December 15, 2011

All growed up

Today we took Baby Charles to the surgery center where Dr. McBride clipped his tongue all the way back. Ok, not the tongue, just the frenulum that attaches it to the bottom of the mouth. We are hoping that now he can eat a looooooot better, and that he won't have to eat as often, and mommy will feel better and therefore be more excited to feed him! He had to have sleepy gas, which made Joshua a little  worried (ok, me too!), but he came out of the procedure just fine - ready to chug some milk! He was a little cranky today (unusual to his normal perfectness) and a little extra sleepy (mom didn't mind that so much), but otherwise doing great. He relayed his positive attitude about the whole ordeal by giving mommy a nice big smile this afternoon. Good job, little man. 

This is Baby Charles showing off his new skill of grabbing things. Don't worry, we will be updating you with new skills frequently. He has begun to smile (making mummy and poppy very happy), which we will document here shortly.  And yes, we sound like the ridiculous parents of a newborn in this video . . .

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy First Month.

It's been a good month.

True Blue Mom.

A sad day for the Wheatley clan- baby's first tear.